About AlwaysCreative


About AlwaysCreative

AlwaysCreative started as a book and is now available as an ebook.

Originally published in 1999*, AlwaysCreative starts with the mathematical proof that creativity is a scientific force, like electricity, and dispenses with notions of creativity being subjective.

Creativity mathematically proven is a big deal because once something is proven, it can be scientifically measured, repeated, and objectively verified as truth.

And like other truths (e.g., forces of electricity or magnetics) belief or disbelief does not detract from the scientific, repeatable, measurable truths.

Math and science affirm real truths.

And the truth is, as AlwaysCreative points out, that creativity is as real as electricity, and a force that you can tap – just like you can tap electricity – you can harness creativity for your advantage.

But math aside. This book also delves into the emotions of creativity, the what, the why, the how-to, and the cycles of the creative process.

And, this book considers the creative denominator amongst the digital backdrop of today’s globally wired world and the keys to perpetual success.

*First Edition Published 1999
ISBN 1-930428-00-6
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 99-69 509


The Creativity and Innovation Discussions Continue

Comments and forums are closed on this site but the creativity and innovation discussions continue in the WiseUpWednesdays.com forum.

Forums at WiseUpWednesdays.com are free to read but writing is reserved for CoolTea Members.

CoolTea provides two kinds of memberships – Free Regular and Paid Pro.


Chuck Works for You

Consulting services available – by hour or per project – in-person at your location, in my studio, or virtually (e.g., email, phone, web) – your choice.

Currently offering a menu of consulting options as ebook upgrade:

  • AlwaysCreative ebook plus 20 minute consultation (email, phone) for $99 – buy now
  • AlwaysCreative ebook plus 20 minute conference call with you and three of your friends for $199 – buy now
  • AlwaysCreative ebook plus half day workshop with you and three of your friends in Ridgefield 10AM-2PM includes lunch for $1599 – buy now


Speaking On Air and In-Person

Speaking on air (e.g., radio, podcasts) or in-person via presentations at conferences, tradeshows, professional associations, civic groups, universities, workshops, et al. – I love to share and no group is too small or too large.

My press interviews cover the spectrum from local media to international coverage via blue-chip brands. My dosier of university presentations includes many leading New England business and graduate schools. And my trade association presentations have covered a wide range of regions in North America.

Creativity, business innovation, social entrepreneurship, digital fluency, information architecture, WordPress Multisite networks, and business networking, are just some of my favorite strike zone topics for interviews, speaking and presentations.

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About the Author

Charles R. Scott (aka ChuckScott.com) is an American suburbanite who resides in Ridgefield Connecticut with his wife, Katie, and their toasted-marshmallow yellow lab, Kasha.

In addition to being a professional creative consultant, Chuck Scott is also a writer, photographer, documentary filmmaker, web developer, and business strategist.

With business school roots, decades of entrepreneurialism and impressive roster of clients, Chuck specializes in helping individuals and teams leverage multimedia and web technologies for maximum success (e.g., information architect; WordPress Multisite architect).

As President of The Avanti Group, Inc., Chuck digitally hangs out at ChuckScott.com and can also be found blogging at ChuckingIt.com where he noodles on reflections of all things life, business, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

Author Charles R Scott in his Ridgefield Studio


Contact Chuck

Contact Chuck Scott via The Avanti Group, Inc.

  • Voice: 203.438.8801
  • Mailing Address: POB 319, Ridgefield, Connecticut 06877
  • Email: Chuck Scott
  • Please Call: for shipping instructions and/or directions to studio



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