Preface: Come On, Creativity as a Force?

Okay you might say, “Creativity as a force? Come on? Yikes! How could something often associated with finger-paints and crayons be a force, let alone be compared to a real force like electricity?”

Ben Franklin - vintage kite flying

Well once upon-a-time in colonial American history, the science of electricity was vigorously debated until Ben Franklin’s kite-flying keys dangled about on his cloud-to-ground experiments and thereby confirmed electricity as a force (i.e., that lightening and electricity are one and the same).

Ben’s scientific studies, along with others in their day, provided the formulas and basis that helped The United States of America start to get amped up (so to speak), where upon we (i.e., USA) started to move in the direction from being just another agricultural economy, to the direction of being one of the most advanced, creative, free-spirited, industrialized, market-based economies in the world.

Looping back to Ben Franklin’s time, it was also around this time in American history that we started building taller and taller buildings, which introduced increasing risks of destruction from nature’s powerful lightening strikes.

Enter the invention of the Lightening Rod – a device that to this day continues to save many a church, commercial building and residence – and a device which just so happened to be invented by Ben Franklin.

Yet perhaps what makes Ben Franklin’s lightening rod invention most remarkable has to do with his approach to intellectual property rights – and while within his full rights to patent said lightening rod invention, he chose not to patent because “he thought more people would benefit from the inventions if he did not patent them.”

And yes this book, AlwaysCreative, also explores the issues of intellectual property rights as they relate to the intersection of creativity, creators, innovation and markets – in particular today’s digitally unfolding worlds of innovation and related intellectual property right issues such as the creative commons, fair-use, open source, etc.

Fast forward a hundred-plus years after Ben Franklin and we see how the science of relativity was also debated, akin to how electricity was once debated until Albert Einstein presented his now famous and widely accepted mathematical formula, [pmath]E = MC^2[/pmath].

And like Ben, Albert’s math went on to electrify the scientific worlds and to a certain degree turned quantum physics upside down. Well perhaps not literally upside down according to relative laws of mass, time and energy, but Albert’s math did break new scientific grounds and his contributions, like Ben’s and other great scientific thinkers, have set the stage for generations of unfolding new developments.

Ben Franklin - a more contemporary colorful kite flying enthusiast

The history of science continues to grow and aren’t we lucky it does – as it frees us from living in darkness, ignorance, and directs us to living in accord with scientific principles that are true for all, all the time.

Science of Electricity. Science of Relativity. And now, the Science of Creativity.

AlwaysCreative presents the math that proves the Science to Absolute Unlimited Creativity.

So yes creativity is a real force and like electricity is a force that any of us can tap via cloud-to-ground (heaven-to-earth) mapping tools and techniques once we understand the essential math and science behind said forces, then we can harness, harvest and leverage to electrify our worlds – for self and others.

Go ahead. Read this book.

Then you decide if you are going to flip your creative power switch on or off – your call.

But one’s belief in creativity or not, akin to believing in electricity and/or relativity, does not deny the scientific truths and realities that said powers are real and available.


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