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Pool Sparkles closeup is09-46-163The Science to Absolute Unlimited Creativity can help any individual, team and/or society develop creative solutions for any situation, any time, all the time.

By grasping a couple of key concepts presented here (e.g., the Theory of Knowledge; Absolute vs Relative Creativity; the Creative Compass), the reader will be equipped to summon, at will, simple scientific methods for achieving Absolute Unlimited Creativity for personal and group success.

Consider the words from legendary advertising figure David Ogilvy, “The great discovery of the 19th Century was the discovery of the method of discovery. It is a process of disciplined attack.” In essence, everything in our world can be studied, learned and implemented, and so it is with the art of creativity.

Accordingly, this document demonstrates that creativity is not reserved for a select few, for stereotypically funky artistic and bohemian types, or for those born with innate qualities. Instead, it is accessible for everyone, all the time.

Furthermore, as digital technologies unveil worlds of opportunities, this document also considers creativity within the digital context.

It is the aim of this book to demystify creativity, the creative process and the digital frameworks, in order to help those fishing for answers feast for a lifetime.

Presented here for your discovery is the Science to Absolute Unlimited Creativity – enjoy!


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