Below are some comments received from AlwaysCreative first edition readers:

  • “Your book is both informative and inspiring, and I really enjoy the way you approach the challenges of doing creative work. Great stuff Chuck!” Eric
  • “The book is great! I like the stories, anecdotes and analogies, especially since they come from a wide variety of sources and directions. In fact, the Popcorn analogy was recently used in our company to encourage people to stick with an important initiative.” Pete
  • “I was very interested in your story about being exiled from a group, being exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things, and then being able to use those new skills to solve a serious problem and gain readmittance into the group of origin. I am hoping that your readers will share more stories of this phenomena. The Southern Tutchone people in Haines Junction, Yukon have a similar story only they use it to illustrate how seriously they value honesty.” Ruth
  • “I must tell you that I am extremely impressed. Very encouraging and easy to read. Not that it’s simple, just sort of stands up in front of you and says – hey, give me a read would ya” Bill
  • “I love your writing! Great job by the way on this web site!” Brad
  • “Great book Chuck. This Romanian is very encouraged by what you wrote, thanks.” Sorin
  • “When your book arrived today, I opened the package and left it out on my kitchen counter to read later. My plans were ruined when my fiancé came home from work and spied it. She immediately ignored me and continued to do so while sunken in a living room chair, laughing, shrugging, and occasionally waving her arms in response to various passages. Gee. I hope your book draws this kind of reaction from all your readers.” Mathew
  • “Really enjoyed reading. Great ideas, well presented, excellent stuff!!” Erika
  • “Quick, concise, witty, and deep, Chuck’s seasoned creative stride hits e.peaks like none before. Bravo!” Paul
  • “I have spent the afternoon with your book, and am getting excited about some of your ideas and the ones that it has generated in me.” Zelda


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